About SP United

SP United Holding AG, was founded in Germany, in 1988. At present the company operates locations in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, China and the USA.

The group has three own brands: 
SP Bindings, SP Gadgets and SP Connect. The brands are distributed in over 70 countries worldwide. 

The original location, in Birgel, has established itself as a supplier to the automotive industry and other brands over the past decades due to its core competencies in tool design, toolmaking and injection moulding. 

The corporate headquarters has been based in Vienna since the mid-90s. Here, sales, product development, design, technology, marketing and international sourcing of all SP brands are united.



SP Manufacturing GmbH


Since the founding of SP manufacturing in 1988, we have been producing sophisticated plastic parts for a large number of different brands at our site in Birgel. The core competencies of the German location lie in tool design, toolmaking and injection moulding. As a result, the company has established itself as a supplier to the automotive industry over the past three decades.

SAM Sports & Marketing AG

SP United USA, Inc.


SP United Vertriebs GmbH